Ableton Producer Program

Created for aspiring producers looking to get serious with their music using Ableton Live Suite, this Ableton Producer Program provides 120 hours of top-quality mentoring and training in Ableton, plus uncapped studio time. Work towards your certificate, while producing your own release-worthy music by the end of this six-level music production course.


Level 1: Pieces & Beats

Level 2: Techniques & Workflow

Level 3: Synthesis & Sound Design

Level 4: Mixing & Mastering

Level 5: Remixing & Advanced Sound Art in Serum

Level 6: Artist Development & Finishing Your EP

Learn sampling, advanced synthesis, and audio manipulation techniques to greatly expand your music and sound production capabilities. You will also develop your working knowledge of Ableton Live, with seamless integration into Push 2 hardware, learning how to use your DAW efficiently and effectively. Through an extensive look at track analytics, understand how your favorite songs are made and reproduce professional techniques with dynamic hands-on exercises.

Dive into Ableton Live Suite, and cover all aspects of music production in this extraordinary DAW, as well as Ableton Live Suite’s powerful add-ons with the best of Max4Live devices, and learn the art of sound design in Serum, which is the only 3rd party software used on the course. Your mentor will show you how to put the content in the program to good use and guide you towards producing in your genre in our strategically placed mentoring sessions.

This course is for beginners, as well as people who have been using Ableton at home, and want to learn how to produce quality music from the ground up, in a like-minded and intimate class setting in groups of no more than eight students. Learning to produce should be fun and not frustrating!


Today’s Ableton Producer Program Prices

Schedules in red are $3499; schedules in black are $3999. They change often, particularly as they fill up, so if you see a schedule in red that you like, grab it now before it goes back to full price!

Schedules (skipping major holidays)

Monday and Wednesday | ten weeks | 11 – 6 | Start: Jan 9

Tuesday and Thursday | twenty weeks | 3 – 6 | Start: Jan 10

Tuesday and Thursday | twenty weeks | 7 – 10 | Start: Jan 9 | FULLY BOOKED

Monday, Wednesday, Friday | seven weeks | 11 – 6 | Start: March 20 | FULLY BOOKED

Monday, Wednesday, Friday | fourteen weeks | 11 – 2 | Start: September 11

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday | fourteen weeks | 7 – 10 | Start: September 11

Tuesday and Thursday | ten weeks | 11 – 6 | Start: September 12


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