DJ 201


Advanced DJ Training Course

Due to the popularity of our DJ courses, our 101 and 201 are now discontinued and we will be able to offer genre-specific DJ courses for 2017 onwards. For dates, please see our new fully comprehensive Electronic DJ CourseUnderground DJ Course, and Turntablism DJ Courses.

Part two of our comprehensive DJ course at our specialist electronic music DJ school here in Los Angeles. Suitable for learners who have completed our DJ Course 101, and those experienced enough to jump straight in to our advanced DJ training course.

If you make the grade after assessment, you will be invited to DJ in the Gallery at The Exchange nightclub in Downtown LA at our club night. We are proud to say that not one student so far hasn’t made the grade!

Please note that our club night is not always scheduled straight after your course, so if you’re coming to LA from out of town, please bear this in mind and check the dates with us before you book. If you can’t make our club night but wish to be involved, you will ‘roll over’ and be on our list until you can.


7 – Recap & Go!

  • Recap from 101
  • Reading the crowd and having a ‘plan b’
  • Impact mixing with levels and FX


8 – In The Mix Advanced

  • Teaser mixes
  • Mixing acapellas
  • Find out if Mixed In Key is for you.


9 – Advanced FX & Digital Tricks

  • Sampling and triggering
  • All about delay and reverb in the mix
  • Looping and making your own mash-ups on the fly


10 – Beat Juggling & Scratching

  • Beat juggling
  • Scratching and spinbacks
  • Advanced mixer techniques
  • Putting together your mix to be submitted to the Exchange


11 – Advanced Set Building & Ad-Libbing

  • Out-of-the-box song choice
  • Tempo change tips
  • Music programming, set times and preparing for the Exchange
  • Promoting your gig at the Exchange
  • Tips on what to do after your gig at the Exchange & how to put together an EPK.


OMG – Your Gig!