Nico Luminous

Nico Luminous

Nico Luminous has created a voice all his own in the west coast Bass music scene, and beyond as a ground breaking music producer, DJ and vocalist.

His intelligently sampled melodies and thumpy bass lines capture dance floors in a sensual pulse that is simultaneously high energy and laid back. ‘Glitch-a-Delic Soul Whomp’ is his signature flavor and it’s drenched in the sounds of the Carribean, R&B, and HipHop. ‘Music is My Spaceship’ dropped on San Francisco’s premier underground music label, ‘Muti Music’.

The 7-track Ep is a timeless piece of dance music, journeying through the world of swampy psychedelic trap, galactified 8 bit funk, and sexy downtempo. The album displays sophisticated sound design and enticing subtle audio delicacies.


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