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Pro Tools Music Production Course

Our “Getting Creative In Pro Tools” course provides in-depth training for recording and producing music in the industry-standard of Digital Audio Workstations – Pro Tools, in class sizes of no more than ten! It doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into:  if you want to be universally compatible and taken seriously, our “Getting Creative In Pro Tools” lessons cover the music production, editing, and engineering skills you need in a fun, creative, and easy to understand way. Even if you are a more experienced Pro Tools user, you will benefit from this inspiring course as all of the elements will be covered in detail by a respected and seasoned professional. The classes will be peppered with loads of practical real-world tips giving you the edge over anyone learning any other way or anywhere else. Total class time is 36 hours where you can ask a question in a relaxed environment and bounce ideas off of your instructor and fellow learners exactly when you’re feeling inspired – or confused! This is why many say that there is no substitute for music production courses taken in person. Learning how to use technical software should be FUN – not tedious! Check out the bottom of this page to see some comments from previous learners.

Many learners these days like to use their own laptops on our courses, so we have made space in our studios for people who wish to do just that, and altered the price structure keeping the course fee low, but introducing a supplement of $75 for those learners who wish to use a school iMac loaded with Pro Tools 11. We have many more spaces than we have iMacs so please ensure you book your iMac if you need one as the course fee is non-refundable if you turn up with no workstation to work on. Controller keyboards, headphones and audio interfaces are on-site for everyone to use. The oldest version of Pro Tools acceptable is version 8, but you will get more out of the course if you have version 11.


First Things First:

• Essential file management & organization
• Must-know key commands & shortcuts – THE WAY to speed, efficiency, marketability
• Digital format basics
• Creating & customizing a stream-lined session
• The various forms of saving
• Setting up preferences correctly & why it’s critical
• Creating tracks
• Labeling EVERYTHING & why it’s critical
• Importing audio through various methods
• Overview of Modes, Tools, Edit Window, and Mix Window
• Must-know editing techniques
• Must-know arranging techniques
• Saving your AWESOME template(s)

Recording And Editing Audio:

• Connecting your gear
• Making sure your software sees your hardware
• Choosing your tempo and meter
• Setting up a click track and count-off
• Preparing primary and secondary tracks for recording
• Why Disk Allocation is critical
• How to set up headphone mixes
• Creating groups
• Arming tracks & setting levels (input vs. monitor)
• Various kinds of recording methods (straight, safety/alternate, dry vs. wet, loop, punch)
• Using Memory Locations
• Playlists vs. takes
• Getting and staying “In The Zone” while you record audio
• Discarding bad takes vs. saving them for comping
• Comping the ultimate performance
• Beat Detective for audio
• An introduction to Elastic Audio

All About MIDI:

• MIDI: then and now
• Setting up AMS and your hardware gear
• Instrument Tracks vs. MIDI+Aux Tracks
• Confirming your session is set up for MIDI
• Detailed overview of the instrument plugins included with Pro Tools
• Auditioning sounds (“Sample Diving”)
• Creating and saving your own custom preset
• An introduction to creative sampling
• Mapping virtual knobs to real ones
• Composing/songwriting/recording techniques to get into and stay in “The Zone” • Layering tracks
• The MIDI Editor
• The MIDI Operations Window
• The Score Editor
• Input Quantize vs. regular Quantize
• Beat Detective for MIDI
• Importing/exporting standard MIDI files
• Converting MIDI tracks into audio tracks

Effects And Sound Design:

• Audiosuite vs. insert plugins
• Processors vs. effects
• The “dos & don’ts” of signal-flow and DSP efficiency
• Detailed overview of the plugins included with Pro Tools
• How and when to set up a send/return path (busses are your friends!)
• Using key-input to get that BOOM
• Using key-input to make creative rhythms
• Daisy-chaining signal flow
• Creative mangling of audio (how to make ANY sound AWESOME!)
• Creating a REALLY creepy voice-over
• Creative use of Strip Silence
• Creative use of Elastic Audio and TCE
• Creating custom rhythm delays
• Creating pitched delays

Automation And Mix-Down:

• Introduction to graphical automation (the Smart Tool is your friend!)
• Introduction to real-time automation
• Setting up the Automation Window
• Understanding the different automation modes
• Using the various automation graphs
• Using and mapping a physical controller
• Automating volume adjustments vs. compressing
• Using groups to save time automating and mixing
• Consolidating clips & tracks
• Gain-staging
• Using aux tracks and plugins effectively
• Internal layback
• Exporting audio
• Bounce-to-disk
• The importance of deadlines and backups

Let’s Get Creative! A Guided Hands-On Project From Start To Finish:

• 6 hours, hands-on to complete your choice of a song, a rhythm, or a sound design with the instructor coaching you through the whole cumulative process to make sure it all sunk in!

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message or call (424) 653 6481. To go ahead and book, you can use the ‘BOOK NOW’ buttons, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


$999 (multiple course and returning student discounts available)


Saturdays | 11- 6

April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6

Monday & Tuesday Evenings | 7.30 – 10.30

May 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, June 5, 6, 12, 13

Summer School | 11 – 6

August 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Saturdays | 11 – 6

September 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4

Winter School | 11 – 6

December 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

2018: Same schedule

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Our Pro Tools course provides in-depth training for recording and producing music in the engineers choice, and recording & mixing studio standard DAW.
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