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Band together with friends, family, work colleges over a magical two or three-hour DJ group session as a fabulous alternative to the same old brunches, happy-hours, bowling, karaoke or paintball events.

A team building or professional celebration: A holiday party or a special intimate celebration with your clients, creating music and DJing together is a perfect ice-breaker. At the end of the party everyone can share their custom creations to show off their inner producers/DJs. We can create a collective track/DJ set with your guests’ creations for the next company/holiday party.

Bachelorette and bachelor party: Celebrate with the most important friends in your life by making a custom wedding DJ set together. In a 2-3 hour private party, your guests will bond over learning to DJ and create a 2-3 song DJ set each, we will then mix them into an hour-long custom wedding playlist. You can all dance to the perfect beat, created by you, for the most important day of your life.

Friends and family: Anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, reunions…life is full of special occasions to celebrate so why not do something different. In a 2-3 hour event, your group can custom-create a remix/DJ set for the special occasion. Have you ever thought of giving a married couple a group remix of the special song they fell in love with; getting the whole family to create a DJ set for your parents’ milestone anniversary; making a custom modern day mixtape as a group birthday gift; soundtrack the best moments of your yesteryears for the next school reunion…? The possibilities of group-created music as gifts are endless.

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