Sound Lab : Synthesis & Sound Design

Sound Lab : Synthesis & Sound Design

Sound Lab : Synthesis & Sound Design
Los Angeles & Live Online

Who is this course for ?

  • Aspiring or established Artists wanting to develop their sonic signature by learning from Multi-Platinum Producers
  • DJs looking to learn the language of Sound Design and Reverse Engineer the sounds from their favorite records
  • Musicians who want a complete course in Synthesizers and get well versed in all forms of Synthesis – Subtractive, Wavetable, FM, Granular etc
  • Producers looking for creative inspiration in Sampling and learn advanced audio manipulation techniques, thereby making memorable beats
  • Aspiring or established Sound Designers who wants to dive into the world of Video Games, Film, TV & VR or fill in their gaps in workflow

If you want to take the next step to achieving your goals as an electronic music producer, our Synthesis & Sound Design course is for you! With no more than 8 students per class and 36 hours of class time, this course will help you obtain the sounds from your head and transform them into your DAW. You will have the freedom to ask our instructors the questions you need answering while learning their techniques and tricks.

Prerequisite: This is an intermediate to advanced course so learners must have a good understanding of their DAW. We encourage less experienced learners to attend one of our DAW courses first. You will need to bring your own laptop, with all of the software you will be learning installed. Everything else is provided in class. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you miss classes and wish to comeback and repeat the course, you may do so free of charge at the next cycle. Our door is always open to former learners!

Contact us if you have any questions.

This class is also included in our comprehensive 360 Academy, Ableton Producer Program & Logic Producer Program

Course Highlights

  • 36 hours of world-class training in Synthesis (Subtractive, Wavetable, Granular & FM)
  • Sampling, Looping, Slicing, Warping, Creating instruments and Effects as unique inspirations for your next hit
  • Billboard and International Chart topping instructors teach in small class sizes ( not more than 8 ) for proper individual attention
  • Reverse Engineering sounds from your favorite records & Mentoring using our hardware collection of vintage & boutique synths for your projects.
  • Free Garnish Sample libraries & Discounted software from our partners like Arturia and Sound Particles.

*Our ever growing synth collection includes Roland Juno 106, Juno 60, JX3P, Sequential Prophet Rev 2, Mellotron M4000D, Moog Subphatty, Poly D, RD8, Korg MS20, Arturia MatrixBrute, Triton Studio, Yamaha DX7 etc. More exotic pieces like the Formanta Polivoks, Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 and other semi modular pieces and pedals available upon request in selected classes! 

Meet Our World-Class Instructors

Our instructor roster ranges from Multi-Platinum Songwriters and Producers to rising LA Hitmakers and Artists. Have a look!

Need some help on a Project or Topic from class? No Problem. Our instructors can work with you 1-on-1 in Focus Hours

36 Hours

$1799 Tuition + $200 Registration Fee


(15 % off Early Bird Special $300 discount if booked 14 days before start!) Get in touch and our placement experts will follow up with information.

We can then set up an assessment call to get you enrolled in the most suitable schedule for you.

For one-to-one lessons, see Ableton Live Private Instruction, and connect with a specialist on that page

Sound Lab : Synthesis & Sound Design Syllabus

Sound Lab Overview

• Advanced run-through of industry leading soft synths.
• In-depth drum programming.
• A complete understanding of tones, processing, resampling and different effects.
• Sound choice and genre production.
• Arrangement techniques and components that create all parts of a song.
• Course collaboration project – learning to work with other producers!
• Business tips and Q&A.

Subtractive & Wavetable Synthesis

• Understanding Oscillators, Filters, Wavetables, Envelopes & LFOs.
• Achieving analog tones with digital soft synths of today.
• Creating pads, basses and drums using subtractive synthesis.
• Arpeggiating and advanced subtractive techniques.
• Synth side-chaining, internal routing, layering & tuning oscillators.
• Modulation and automation.


• Attaining club level sub-bass frequencies in your mixes.
• Understanding the results of different tones and frequencies through the world of modulation.

Granular Synthesis

• Randomness & control.
• Achieving distinctive sounds by looping cycles of audio.
• FX and rising techniques.

Reverse Engineering Sounds & Mentoring with Hardware Synths

  • Reverse Engineering popular sounds in records using Software Synths.
  • Reverse Engineering and comparing Hardware Synths.
  • Using Hardware Synths in projects.
  • Layering and using Audio Processing to enhance sounds.



  • Studio set up- Pro Tools HDX with Apogee Dual Set up
  • Convertor- Lynx Aurora 8
  • Speakers- Adam S3V with Adam Sub 12, Yamaha NS10s with Bryston 4B Amp
  • Monitor Control- Dangerous D Box
  • Microphone- Manley Reference Cardioid, Shure SM57s
  • Pre Amps- Chandler Limited TG2, Heritage Audio 1073
  • Reverb- Bricasti Design M7
  • Compressors- Teletronix LA2A, Urei (Universal Audio) 1176, SSL XLogic G-series Compressor, Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor
  • Piano- Yamaha U3
  • Universal Audio Satellite
  • Synthesizers & Drum Machines- Roland Juno 60 (with MIDI), Juno 106, JX3P, Sequential Prophet Rev 2, Mellotron M4000D, Korg MS20, Triton Studio, Moog Subphatty, Yamaha DX7, YS200, Behringer Poly D, RD-8, Neutron, Arturia Matrix Brute

*More exotic pieces like the Formanta Polivoks, Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 and other semi modular pieces available upon request in selected classes!

All synths are MIDI connected for DAW use via iconnectivity MIO and Clever Audio MXM 12 Synth switcher. We also have a guitar pedal collection for sonic experiments in studio.

Curriculums : Music Technology and Music Business are constantly evolving as you know. So we update our curriculums routinely to give you the best experience.

Contact us and we will email you the latest versions for all current course offerings.

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    Our Testimonials

    Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and quickly adapted to the areas which I needed the most work. There's also no substitute for being face to face with an instructor, to immediately address any logjams in the workflow.

    CJ DeLeo

    The course throughly covers the fundamentals of synthesis and has helped me understand concepts that go beyond the everyday Youtube tutorial. The course has made Youtube tutorials and other concepts of sound design easily understood.

    Daniel Tran

    The EMP course is a good time and super informative. I've been writing and producing music for the past year in Logic. There was so much I wanted to transcribe from my mind to my DAW, I just didn't fully know how. Fortunately, the EMP course changed that in just a few short weeks. Very exciting. Not to mention the Garnish LA folks are super cool.

    Patricia Seely

    If you're looking for in-depth knowledge about electronic music and how to create sounds using 3rd party software through Ableton or Logic then this course will definitely help you! Beginners can follow along but if you're a more advanced producer, then this will definitely show you more advanced techniques to apply to your productions! Extremely happy I found and attended this course!


    If you are trying to establish connections with local artists that have made a name for themselves in LA (the instructors) than this is a great program to join. You get to talk with them about their personal experiences and get a lot of really good inside tips about production from a professional point of view. Highly recommended not just to learn but to make industry connections.

    Zach Klein

    Garnish instructors do a great job at being in depth and detailed with everything so that no question or misunderstanding is left unsolved.

    Austen Greene
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