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Music Production Private Tuition | Los Angeles

Although we recommend a class environment for our courses, we do offer one to one music production private tuition, with lessons in Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Songwriting, and much more for people who want to do our courses but are unable to commit to our schedule, want a bespoke experience, or want to train in a private and discrete setting. NDA? No problem.

Completion of a 36-hour course one to one comfortably takes 24 hours. Lessons are at times suited to our learners, and subject to the availability of their instructor. Cost when booking a 24-hour block is $70 p/h ($1680 for the 24 hours). Hour by hour private tuition with instructors on our roster is $100 p/h, and each session is a minimum of three hours.

At your home/studio/hotel: No additional fee, but reasonable gas and travel time may be added, particularly for short sessions in far away places!

At your instructor’s studio: Add $10 p/h.

At our acoustically treated pro studio (see image above): Add $40 $20 p/h (half price for private students).

No additional fee if we find a spot for you in an untreated teaching area at our school for each session.

Online: Get matched up with the perfect mentor from our global roster. All you need for our online system is a good internet connection. The same tuition fees apply, with no studio fee to pay.

We are the only Apple & Ableton endorsed training facility in Los Angeles, so do take a look at our world-class instructors, including certified trainers and Grammy Award-winners, and let us know via our contact page if you have any preferences, questions or you’d like to go ahead and book some time. Please try and book your music production private tuition at least a month ahead of time to ensure you get the perfect combination of instructor, location and schedule, as our team and studio are very busy and get booked up far in advance.

When you’re ready to book, and know what to pay, after speaking to our music production private tuition specialist, you can use the button below to make your payment.

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